Lounge Access Option (LAo)
Experience the luxury
of Executive Lounges at a Low Price!
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What is Lounge Access Option (LAo)?
LAo offers economy class travelers to get Lounge Access at the airport at a lower price than regular price and makes the journey a lot more comfortable.
You sign-up for LAo by paying a nominal price and before departure, Optiontown may assign you the Lounge Access and will notify you via email. If you are not assigned your Lounge Access, your Lounge Access Price will be refunded within 5 days after flight departure. So, get ready to make your flight experience a lot more comfortable!

How can I use LAo to get Lounge Access?
Using LAo is very simple.
1) You simply need to sign-up for LAo using the following steps.
a) Visit www.Optiontown.com and select Lounge Access Option (LAo). Provide your Booking Reference, Last Name and Email to retrieve your booking.
b) Select your desired Lounge Access on any one or more flights in your booking.
c) Pay a small Sign-up price and a nominal Lounge Access Price to complete your LAo Sign-up.
2) The Lounge Access assignment decision will be notified to you generally between 1-3 days before departure but no later than 4 hrs before departure. If Optiontown assigns you Lounge Access, you will enjoy more relaxed and comfortable lounge facility at airports. Else if you are not assigned Lounge Access, the Lounge Access price for that flight will be automatically refunded to you within five business days after flight departure.

What are the benefits of using LAo?
LAo enables you to secure your Lounge Access at a much lower price that fits your budget and lets you have a much more relaxed and comfortable travel. A Lounge access will provide you with one of the finest services for wining and dining, personalized business space and an environment to relax from your travel schedule. The services include exquisite meals, snacks and beverages, wireless Internet access, shower rooms, business office cubicles/meeting rooms, mini-business center (including computer, printer, scanner etc.), newspaper and magazines, television, entertainment center etc. The services vary based in airport and airline you are traveling on and not all services may be available in every lounge.
You may also review LAo - FAQs.